Get Started

Be relax at first contact!

Just after the installation and activation of IP Geo Block, you’ll see the “Welcome” message and will be prompt to confirm the “Matching rule” at “Validation rule settings”.

But it’s better to keep yourself in a relaxed state for a several seconds, becase a background process of downloading Geo-IP databases may be running.

After activation of IP Geo Block

Configure the settings

The following picuture shows all the sections to configure this plugin to fit your demmand.

All sections on Settings tab

The most important sections are placed at the top 3:

If initial setup fails…

You’ll find the error message and the “Matching rule” is still Disable.

Download fail

In this case, please go to “Local database settings” and execute to download databases manually. And then, select either “white list” or “black list” and put a proper country code into the “Country code for matching rule”.

Download DBs

In case of the “Lock out” warning

Even if you save a wrong count code, you’ll never be locked out while you are logged in as an administrator.

Please click the “Scan your country code” button to find your proper country code.

Lock out warning message

There’re cases that each geolocation dabase has a different country code especially in Euro region. This issue was reported at support forum. In this case, you had better to prioritize the country code by Maxmind.

Different country code

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