Living with Jetpack

Jetpack is the Swiss army knife for your WordPress site. A plentiful awesome features are served for free by hooking to the

In this article, I show some notes related to living with Jetpack and IP Geo Block.

Connecting to

When IP Geo Block inhibits accessing to the xmlrpc.php by country code, connecting to will fail at the activation process.

Connect to

And also accessing to the Admin area should not be Prevent Zero-day exploit to lead the activation process to success.

Validation Settings

Once the self-hosted Jetpack successfully connects to your account, those settings can be configured as you like.

Login protection

Jetpack has a cloud-based brute force protection module called “Jetpack Protect” which collects malicios IPs from Jetpack users in the world. But if another plugin that has same functionality (Limit Login Attempts, Wordfence Security, BulletProof Security and so on) is already in your site, Jetpack Protect will not be activated to avoid conflict.

IP Geo Block has also a same functionality but it blocks accesses to the wp-login.php itself. It means that IP Geo Block works at more early stage than Jetpack.

And if a malicios login attempt comes from your own country, Jetpack Protect serves its function so well.

So the conflict never happnes emoji .